Shipping Policy

How do we ship your products

We offer very competitive and efficient delivery service from UK/London to Nairobi

The price you pay at checkout is final, includes all charges and they are all clearly marked at checkout.

Our shipping charges are dictated by the courier and may change from time to time. Please note, all the shipping cost is paid to the courier and we do not profit from this.

It is however cheaper than any other delivery service including DHL, UPS, Post Office etc and very reliable.

Below are the current rates (Min Cost is £35)
Weighed is based on the actual or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

By Sea = £2.95 per kilo + £20 handling fee.
By Air =   £7.50 per kilo + £20 handling fee.

The admin fee is what enables us to clear your goods through customs and KEBS inspection without which we cannot be allowed to import and gives you a peace of mind.

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